The Connection Between Quality Footwear and Reduced Pain

There are several occupations that require employees to be on their feet for extended periods of time. Retail personnel, security guards, mail carriers, nurses and direct care staff, and restaurant cooks and servers, among many others. Wearing high-quality footwear can make a significant difference in pain both while working and on days off. Well-supported, comfortable, and cushioned shoes and boots can eliminate pain in the feet, ankles, hips, knees, and back.

At Work

Some companies supply employees with quality work boots that are comfortable and support the ankles. Other employers may provide recommended guidelines for shoe brands or styles that are appropriate for the job. Other employees select their own shoes. Those who are wise will select high-quality products. People trying to look cute or fashionable may regret that decision.

At Home

Feet do not stop aching during days off, especially if people wear flimsy, cheap, or worn out footwear. Slipping on a pair of one dollar flip flops will not support feet. High-quality Hawaiian flip flops, on the other hand, will cushion feet and not wear down within a week. The same is true of Hawaiian sandals. They are designed and manufactured to withstand high temperatures, different terrains, and even light rain.

Casual shoes, like sneakers or flats, for example, should also be high-quality. Some people with wide feet, bunions or corns, or excess weight may still experience pain. Selecting a pair of inner soles that can go from shoe to shoe is sometimes helpful. In extreme cases, custom orthopedic inner soles may be needed.

More Cost-Effective

People who believe that high-quality footwear is expensive need to consider how long they last, how comfortable they are, and how they save money in other ways. Purchasing better quality footwear, such as Hawaiian sandals from an experienced Hawaii sandal company, will actually be more cost-effective than spending less money on each pair of shoes.

Replacing cheap sandals, shoes, and flip flops a few times each season will cost more money than buying one high-quality pair that are backed by a warranty. Savings will also be realized with a decrease in over the counter pain relievers, muscle creams, or even more appointments to visit the doctor or podiatrist.


Tired and aching feet also cause the entire body to be fatigued. Over compensating for pressure points and sore areas can also result in fatigue of many other body parts. Pressure and pain builds in joints and muscles, which can mean falls, twisted ankles, cramps, and swelling. Uncomfortable and burning feet make for an exceptionally long shift. Treat your feet well and reduce pain by making smart footwear choices.


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